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Description[edit | edit source]

The Blacksmith makes items from metal. It makes everything from tools and weapons, to gear and building materials.

In the early game, the Blacksmith's main value is in producing tools to speed up the work of the other colonists, and making basic weapons and armor for defending the base. Over time, the Blacksmith becomes more useful as a creator of custom metal components for technologies that haven't yet been automated, and for building the housings of factory machines. If you want to make advanced weapons and armor, Blacksmith eventually leads into the Weaponsmith and Armorsmith jobs, which become much more in-depth. Blacksmith is also a necessary step on the path to Engineer, which unlocks all higher-level technology.

Related Jobs[edit | edit source]

  • Weaponsmith - makes advanced weapons; only requires levels in Blacksmith
  • Armorsmith - makes advanced armor; only requires levels in Blacksmith
  • Engineer - key job for building machinery and moving into factory production; requires levels in Blacksmith and Scholar
  • Gemsmith - makes gem-based weapons and armor; requires levels in Blacksmith and Jeweler
  • Gunsmith - makes guns; requires levels in Blacksmith and Engineer

Craftables[edit | edit source]

Job-Level 1:

Name Requirements Image
Anvil --- IMAGE
Iron Chisel --- IMAGE
Iron Cooking Knife --- IMAGE
Iron Hammer --- IMAGE
Iron Pickaxe --- IMAGE
Iron Sword --- IMAGE
Iron Woodaxe --- IMAGE
Gold Chisel --- IMAGE
Gold Cooking Knife --- IMAGE
Gold Hammer --- IMAGE
Gold Pickaxe --- IMAGE
Gold Sword --- IMAGE
Gold Woodaxe --- IMAGE

Job-Level 2:

Name Requirements Image
Iron Helmet Smithy IMAGE
Iron Armor Smithy IMAGE
Iron Boots Smithy IMAGE
Gold Helmet Smithy IMAGE
Gold Armor Smithy IMAGE
Gold Boots Smithy IMAGE

Job-Level 3:

Name Requirements Image
Iron Tile Smithy IMAGE
Iron Slats Smithy IMAGE
Wire Fence Smithy IMAGE
Wrought Iron Fence Smithy IMAGE
Iron Wall Smithy IMAGE