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This is the links to every page from the older version of Modlands. It is still downloadable from the original link, but it's no longer being updated.The How To Play Guide For Modlands is one of the Guides for Modlands. Please feel free to contribute to this guide to help people get started.

Basics[edit | edit source]

Controls:[edit | edit source]

R - rotate held/hovered object

F - instant decraft (careful around AI! will instantly decraft them into meat)

F4 - dev-copy (copies hovered object into adjacent spaces)

F6 - load file (choose prefab or entitytype in file dialog; will load in from the coordinates that were hovered when you pressed the button)

F3 - FPS counter

LMB - hold to break down objects, click to activate (if object has an activation), click and drag to move an object

MMB - hold and drag mouse left/right to turn camera

Scroll Wheel - zoom in/out

RMB drag - move view

WASD - keyboard scroll view

Shift-LMB drag - select area to save into prefab (file dialog will come up immediately when you let go)