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As of Version 0.4 on January 1st, 2018 there are eight machines in Modlands. These include:

  • Food Processor
    • The Food Processor is used to transform raw ingredients into more nutritious ingredients that can be used in more recipes.
  • Stone Oven
    • The Stone Oven is cooks ingredients into more nutritious foods.
  • Pie Maker
    • The Pie Maker transforms ingredients into pies that are more nutritious than the input ingredient.
  • Dye Vat
    • The Dye Vat is used to create dye using flowers.
  • Ore Miner
    • The Ore Miner mines ore of various types from the ground.
  • Smelter
    • The Smelter turns raw materials into another form, such as ore into ingots.
  • Gem Miner
    • The Gem Miner mines various precious gems from the earth.
  • Gemcutter
    • The Gemcutter takes raw gems and cuts them into new gems that can be sold for more or used by jewelers.