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Description[edit | edit source]

The Mason makes items from stone. In the early game, the Mason crafts stone tools, and then moves into making lots of building materials. Later on, the Mason is good for making decorative stone architecture.

Related Jobs[edit | edit source]

  • Sculptor - makes statues, plaques, monuments, etc.; Unlocks with levels in Mason and Artist jobs.

Mason[edit | edit source]

Job-Level 1:

Name Effect Image
Stone Chisel IMAGE
Stone Cooking Knife IMAGE
Stone Hammer IMAGE
Stone Pickaxe IMAGE
Stone Sword IMAGE
Stone Woodaxe IMAGE

Job-Level 2:

Name Effect Image
Stone Tile Chisel IMAGE
Stone Brick Chisel IMAGE
Stone Slats Chisel IMAGE
Stone Wall --- IMAGE
Stone Fence --- IMAGE
Stone Oven --- IMAGE
Stone Kiln --- IMAGE
Stone Forge --- IMAGE

Job-Level 3:

Name Requirements Image
Red Brick Kiln IMAGE
Brick Wall --- IMAGE