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About Modlands

Modlands is a game where you build a world full of people, Structures, machines and more, that live and interact. It combines building and Crafting gameplay with simulation gameplay. If you stream it on Twitch, your friends in the chat can also join and play as Characters in the world, alongside the computer-controlled characters.

In Modlands you can explore new lands and fill them with a variety of structures, such as Homes, Farms, Factories, Machines and more. Your idyllic cubic lands are populated with colonists that you can manage and try to keep happy, but if you’re playing on Twitch these colonists can actually be the people in your chat! While watching a player stream Modlands, audience members in the chat can type ‘ilovemodlands’ at any time to instantly spawn a character within the game world and can then type various commands in the chat to control their character.

The charming visuals, fun world building and colony management in Modlands looks like great fun, but it’s the Twitch integration that makes it such an enticing prospect. It allows Twitch players much more interaction with their audience than traditional games as they effectively become overlords of their own micro-MMO populated by their audience.

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Game Features
Build new lands, play with society -
Pick up and place anything to form Homes, Farms, Factories, and anything else you can imagine! It's a simulated world where you can rearrange everything however you want, whenever you want, and see how things play out.
Generate and explore new worlds -
Every world you generate has new things to discover! At the moment, you can set broad categories of things to spawn; in the future, there will be more detailed customization added, as well as a greater range of structures and randomized elements to encourage exploration.
Play with your audience on Twitch -
Your Twitch audience can join the game as Characters, and live in your world. This aspect of the game is being very actively built out right now with the feedback of the Twitch community. It basically lets you run a persistent micro-MMO for the Twitch chat, where you are building the world as the audience plays in it!
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